Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano from Sorrento

Pompeii, Vesuvius and Sorrento from Naples

Amalfi Coast Shared Tour from Naples



  • private, English speaking driver
  • parking
  • highway, tolls and fuel
Not Included


  • lunch/wine tasting(25E-35E pp)
  • Herculaneum (15E pp)
  • Oplontis(7Epp)
  • Archeological Guide(for 2hrs 120E for the group)
  • tips(optional)

Historical & Gastronomic Tour

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Full day tour (8 hour)

This tour offers history and wine tasting from Southern Italy. Here you will have the opportunity to visit an Ancient Roman town(Herculaneum), near Naples, on the lower slopes of Mount Vesuvius. As well taste the famous wine that is produced from the base of Mount Vesuivius.

Herculaneum , you will be able to choose which city you would rather visit. Named after one of the Roman mythological heroes, Hercules, Ercolano was destroyed by the 79AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The slow walk across all of Ercolano shows and allows tourists to really take part in the molding of civilization in this remote town. Ercolano is one of the links to a much more grandiose past in Italy, which almost all the sights are known for. Buried by the same eruption was also Pompeii, now a marvelous historic site filled with an abundance of history and breathtaking views. Both these cities offer spectacular ruins, relics and interesting markings left behind by the people who did not survive Mt. Vesuvuis’ eruption to further enhance your experience of Pompeii.
Wine Tour offers a remarkable experience in the countryside vineyard around Vesuvius volcano . On this tour, you will experience the wine making processes while also getting to taste and buy authentic Italian wine. The other vineyard is located in the heart of the national park of Vesuvius in the municipality of Trecase, this winery also benefits from Vesuvius' great soil, enabling the growing of healthy, top-quality crops for winemaking. Natural olive oil tasting is also available, but the company is focused prevalently on viniculture. This vineyard is around Vesuvius Volcano where there is a breathtaking wine yard where they grow particular grapes in order to make a great wine known as Lacryma di Christi which means the tears of Christ. This is thanx to the volcanic soil. The sights, wine, and atmosphere are authentic to this winery and will ensure your experience to be enjoyable.

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